Affordable Vacations Travel With Friends or Family

Memories of family vacations are often the most vivid as one matures. Even though everything is getting more expensive, you can still create those unforgettable travel memories for your children.

One way to afford vacations is to travel in groups. Going on a trip with close friends or extended family members helps you cut travel costs dramatically.

Consider these tips:

  1. Save on costs of traveling to your destination. Depending on how far away the desired destination is and how many people are in your travel group, consider renting a van.
    • Renting a van allows all of you to share costs of the gas to get to and from your destination. Even if you’re traveling with just two other couples and no kids, you can save big when you all travel together.
  1. Rent a place to stay as a group. If you’re traveling together in a large group, consider renting a large place to stay together at your destination. For example, did you know you can rent entire houses when you vacation? Or even large condos that accommodate 10, 12 or even more people?
    • You’ll all be more comfortable. You’ll have the convenience of a full kitchen. Many times, such homes rent by the week and include swimming pools and many other amenities. Yet, the costs will be far less than staying at a hotel.
    • When you rent these types of accommodations for your large travel group, all of you will save money as you’ll split the rent.
    • Sharing this cost will cut both your food and lodging expenses and make your trip more affordable.
  1. Chip in together for groceries. Shop at a local Sam’s Club or BJ’s Club to buy in bulk. As you know, one of the big expenses when you’re on vacation is meal costs. But if you stay where you’ve got a kitchen or at least a kitchenette with a microwave and refrigerator, you’ll cut your vacation food costs in half or more.
    • Eat out for a couple of special activities when you’re out and about all day. Otherwise, save money by eating at your home away from home. This vacation is more affordable than you thought. Your food bill on vacation won’t be all that much higher than your food bill at home.
  1. When you dine out, take advantage of restaurants where kids eat free. It’s money in your pocket when you don’t have to pay for your kids’ meals.
  1. Babysit for each other’s kids. When you travel with other families, take turns babysitting for each other’s children so each couple gets a night out alone during the trip. There are no babysitting costs and everybody’s happy. Depending on the ages of the kids going on the trip, there might be a responsible teen who’s happy to hang out with the kids and babysit.
  1. Get group rates when you take part in tourist activities. Many tourist attractions will reduce their admission rates for large groups. So, you can save money by taking advantage of these group rates.
  1. Before you leave, check online to see if the attractions you want to visit have “free days.” Many museums and some amusement parks offer a day during the week when you can visit without charge.

Even though your budget might be crunched, consider traveling as a group with your friends or family members’ families.

Enjoy cut-rate deals on vehicle travel, house and condo rental, bulk groceries, and some tourist activities when you travel in a large group. Yes, you can take an affordable vacation next year and enjoy your friends and family members at the same time.

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