The Modobag: The Ultimate Travel Game-Changer

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Are you tired of dragging your luggage around airports and train stations, getting lost in crowds while carrying heavy bags? Do you feel exhausted before you even reach your destination? If you’re nodding your head in agreement, then it’s time you heard about the ultimate travel game-changer – the Modobag.

Modobag Rideable Carry on Luggage






The Modobag is the world’s first and only rideable carry-on luggage. That’s right – this innovative luggage not only stores your belongings but lets you ride it as well. With Modobag, no more running or getting lost in the crowd – simply ride on the bag and breeze through the airport.

Equipped with a lightweight electric motor, the Modobag can hit speeds of up to 8 mph, and you can ride it for up to 6 miles on a single charge. That’s enough to take you where you need to go in a flash. The bag comes with dual USB charging ports, letting you charge your phone, tablet, and laptop on the go.

The Modobag is designed for durability and quality, with a sturdy aluminum frame and ballistic nylon exterior, ensuring your belongings stay safe and secure inside. And at just 19 pounds, it’s comfortable to ride and fits the TSA and FAA regulations for air travel.







The Modobag’s features make it a perfect travel companion, especially for business travelers, frequent flyers, or anyone craving a unique and fun travel experience. It allows you to do all the walking and running you need to do, without having to strain or exert yourself.

Say goodbye to those long walks and rushing through airport security – simply strap on your Modobag and ride your way to your gate in style. Travel smart, travel efficiently, and travel in style with the ultimate travel game-changer – the Modobag.

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