An Essential Guide To Gut Health – Food Checklist

The foods you eat have a huge effect on your gut health and, in turn, on the health of your entire body. Use this checklist to help keep your gut healthy and reduce your risk for many serious health issues.

Eat More of These

  • High Fiber Foods
    • Beans
    • Lentils
    • Artichokes
    • Pears
    • Soybeans
    • Broccoli
    • Avocados
    • Apples
    • Prunes
    • And many seeds
  • Fermented Foods
    • Yogurt
    • Miso
    • Kimchi
    • Kefir
    • Tempeh
    • Sauerkraut
    • Pickles
  • Other Foods
    • Garlic
    • Onions
    • Asparagus
    • Bananas
    • Watermelon
    • Berries
    • Tea
    • Dark Chocolate

Foods To Avoid

  • Sugar
  • Artificial Sweeteners, Colorings, Flavorings, or Preservatives
  • Red Meat
  • Highly Processed Foods
  • Alcohol
  • Other foods that you may be allergic or sensitive to. These vary from person to person. Use the Elimination Diet process or talk to your doctor to determine these foods.

Probiotics & Supplements

Along with eating certain foods and avoiding others, you can use probiotics and other digestive supplements to keep your gut healthy! Probiotics are made up of good bacteria that help keep your body healthy and working well. This good bacteria helps you in several different ways, like fighting off bad bacteria when you have too much of it, helping you feel better.

Digestx By Seacret - Gut HealthWhen it comes to digestion, my favorite supplement is Digestx by Seacret, which helps with the digestion of proteins, carbs, fats, fiber, gluten, dairy, and soy. Before using Digestx, I had really bad acid reflux and medication wasn’t working well for me. Since taking Digestx, my acid reflux has improved and I feel altogether better than I was feeling before taking Digestx every day. You can learn more about Digestx by visiting this link.

Whether it is Digestx or your favorite probiotic, taking a supplement every day will improve your overall gut health.

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